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Imperial City of Cusco

Explore the highlights of Cusco city and hike the Inca Trail & the Raibow Mountain.


Cusco is an enchanting introduction to the Andean culture and the jumping-off point for both Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

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Explore the greatest Inca city

Cusco City

Cusco, the Imperial capital city of the massive Inca Empire of the Incas. This architectural treasure trove is home to the minority Aymara tribe (Qusqu) and the many Quechua speaking tribes (Qosqo) scattered throughout the region of Cuzco and beyond. Quechua was the main language of the Incas. Quechua is still prevalent in many indigenous communities in the Southwestern parts of the Andes. These communities have had very little influence from modern life, they keep to ancient forms of living like farming animals like llamas and alpacas, as well as weaving colorful traditional garments.

The central Andes has a wealth of hidden gems waiting to be explored by a curious tourist. Its mostly known for its world-famous Inca Trail hike to the 07th world wonder, the majestic Machu Picchu Citadel. Also making its presence felt is the newly discovered (only in 2015) Rainbow Mountain. This freak of nature has astonishing striking and vibrant colors.

 The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. They left behind a legacy of the most intricate road-network, which connected every corner of their massive territory. Along the different trails through the Andes are many archeological sites that stand out because of their monumental architecture, innovative agriculture practices (Moray) and sound engineering practices. They are known as the most advanced civilization of their time, working with very little tools and building in the most challenging locations in the world. Each trek has its own unique features, visit stunning turquoise lakes (Lake Humantay) on the Salkantay Trek, immerse yourself in secluded indigenous villages, with locals still living a  very authentic and ancient lifestyle on the Lares Trek or challenge your hiking capabilities to the most underrated and hidden archeological site of Choquequirao. This archeological site is 3 times the size of Machu Picchu and more of it is still being excavated from the dense jungle that surrounds it. It has very little annual foot traffic, so there is absolutely nothing touristic about it.

Cuzco is also a breath away from the massive Amazonian Rainforest, which covers over 2 thirds of the entire country of Peru. A great way to connect with nature and experience the most comprehensive bio-diversity in the world. It´s a gastronomy capital in its own right, with fusion and neo-Andean cooking, prepared using modern techniques. Even though, they are surrounded by mountains, they have a thriving agricultural sector located in the Sacred Valley. Food here is usually made from fresh organic local ingredients with a mix of international ingredients.

Modern Cusco´s tourism sector has been the backbone of this region since the 2000´s.  It brings in over a million visitors a year and pre-covid, contributing over 1.2 billion to the national economy. The scale at which tourism is growing in the city, has made a few structural changes to its inhabitants.  Firstly, it is transitioning from a small city, to something that’s more metropolitan and has also seen growth to its ex-pat community. It has a vibrant nightlife and has modern amenities, like good speed internet, modern apartments etc. A big tourist hub, known for its street markets with inexpensive fresh produce and arts and crafts. The beguiling blend of cobblestone streets, colonial period architecture and that unmistakable Peruvian street spirit, Cusco’s designation as the gateway to the beautiful Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu simply further underscores its enduring popularity.

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Sacred Valley + Zip Line Tour Included?

The Sacred Valley in Peru is incredible, mind-blowing, magical, and simply unmissable. There are so many amazing things to do in the Sacred Valley, also known as Valle Sagrado. From grand Inca ruins in sprawling Archaeological Parks, snow-capped mountains, salt mines, and hundreds of hiking trails to explore there is no shortage of breathtaking and worthwhile experiences.


  • Feel the adrenaline rush as you fly across the highest zip line in Cusco
  • A once in a lifetime experience with unique views of landscapes only seen in this region
  • Operated by professional instructors with years of experience who ensure you have the best tour possible

from $? / Full Day

Rainbow Mountain with ATV’s Tour Included

A visit to Rainbow Mountain, known locally as Vinicunca (its Quechua name) or the montaña de siete colores (seven-colored mountain), is an absolute must for all those who love stunning landscapes and gorgeous scenery. Nestled in a remote region of the Andes Mountains, Rainbow Mountain was once a spectacle only to be admired by trekkers along the Ausangate Trek, but now you can witness this display of natural beauty in all its glory on a shorter 1- or 2-day hike as part of your Peru vacation. We also currently offer a Rainbow Mountain & 2-day Inca trail package that takes you up to Machu Picchu before visiting Rainbow Mountain.

from $150 / Full Day

Cusco City Tour: The archeological sites of Cusco Sacsayhuaman

Cusco, or Qosqo in Quechua, was the capital of the Inca Empire, called Tawantinsuyo. Cusco, with its special beauty and charm is considered the archeological capital of South America and a cultural legacy of humanity. This tour takes you to the majestic Qoricancha, the most important example of the change from Incan architecture to Spanish colonial architecture. You will also visit the four most important archeological sites in the hills above Cusco. These sites are essential in understanding the importance of Cusco during the Inca Empire.

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  • Personalized Services with Small Groups
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  • Unique & Customized Tour Itineraries.
  • Best Certified Guides & Teams in the Region.

from $150 / Full Day

Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Trek 1 Day

Enjoy the natural colors of the stunning Rainbow Mountain Trek, hiking through a beautiful Andean valley, in which you may interact with the local people who are still keeping traditional Quechua culture alive! You will see snow capped peaks, herds of alpaca, glaciers and birds of prey, all set within an incredibly colourful mountain range. The Rainbow Mountain trek offers opportunities to see a range of wildlife including soaring eagles and caracara falcons. The colourful sandstone mountains in the Vinicunca area are very different from any other landscape you may visit in Peru!


from $67 / Full Day

Sacred Valley Tour with Moray and Salt Mines Included!

The Sacred Valley is vast and stretches for miles with many small indigenous towns, secluded weaving villages, camelid farm, ancient Inca Ruins including Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Moray. SAM Corporations  also includes the Salt Mines in Maras which has thousands of saltpans carved into the mountainside and the Terraces of Moray, which are built in the form of an amphitheater and have different temperatures at each level to grow different crops. It was watered through a complex irrigation system and allowed the cultivation of the Incas to grow over 250 types of vegetables. We end the tour at the fascinating and imposing site of Ollantaytambo, a truly impressive Inca ruin!


from $45 / Full Day

Lake Humantay 1 Day Hike

Humantay Lake Trek is one of Peru’s most scenic 1 day treks! We drive through the local indigenous villages of Iscuchaca and Limatambo, where you can see Quechua people who are still keeping Inca traditions alive. Take your time hiking up to the lake, enjoying stunning views of the Andes. The incredibly turquoise lake is situated at the base of the majestic glacier covered Salkantay Mountain Range. The views are absolutely breathtaking!


from $150 / 1 Day

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