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Our companies mission and goals are to lead by example by being a socially responsible tour operator. As we trek through the Andes day after day, we want to share our love, respect and commitment to our local communities. In the surrounding environment we hold events such as our annual clean up campaigns. We raise awareness and also help maintain our beautiful and pristine trails by pickup up litter left behind. Below are some of the many social projects, we take part in throughout the year.

Clean up Campaign

SAM Corporations Peru has annual clean-up campaigns that creates awareness towards people across the planet that have the same desires to help protect the environment. It is our commitment in creating a positive and sustainable contribution towards the quality of life for rural Andean communities.

OurPlant A Tree Campaign

SAM Travel Peru is creating awareness through its Plant A Tree campaign as we work with the local communities to teach them about the positive cycle of replenishing. We teach them that by replacing a new tree in place of a cut down one, we create a solution to the deforestation issue. SAM Corporatipons have worked with the Kiswarani Community and planted 10,000 trees on the slopes of the Lares Valley.

There about 70 people take part in hard work to plant the slopes of the surrounding mountains with 10,000 Queuna trees. Queuna tree are native to the Andes Mountains and better than Eucalyptus trees, these trees are not native to the area and destroy the environment by growing over many native plants.

The Kiswarani community looks forward these newly planted tree to grow into strong forests to ensure the protection of the local wildlife and admire their beauty!

Plant A Tree campaign benefits:


Providing a world class tours and treks with the highest international standards. A luxurious service, that only includes the very best of what Peru has to offer. Committing to environmental and social responsibility. To give the most comprehensive travel experience of our diverse country of Peru.

Our tours are exclusive and we are committed to demonstrating the culture and history of Peru. Customers see all the beauty and ruggedness in our off the beaten trek. Whilst maintaining and never compromising on comfort with our quality service. Enjoy a thrilling ride in our unique adventure tours. Providing an immersive experience in our isolated indigenous communities. Exploring and discovering the weird and wonderful species that make up the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.


Being part of the exclusive leaders in Peru’s tourism sector by the year 2024. As well as being recognized for the quality of our services. To be the main contributors to social and economic development in our country.

Clean-up Campaign: The joys of a clean environment

Preserving our trails for future generations is the utmost importance to us. We encourage our guests to travel with a conscious and minimize their carbon footprint. Our aim is to make sure that our tours don’t leave a negative environmental impact. When we do our campaigns, we target youth involvement, which reflects what SAM CORPORATIONS ...

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Clean-up Campaign: The joys of a clean environment

Plant-a-tree Campaign: Trees are the roots of life

SAM CORPORATIONS believes in a greener earth. The unique flora and fauna found on our trail depend on clean unpolluted air for their long-term survival. Most importantly the Peruvian Amazonia is the most bio service place in the world. Many of these species are at risk of extinction for various reasons. Lack of understanding and ...

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Christmas Campaign: The gift that keeps on giving

Christmas season is a time for family, love and joy all around the world. It’s a time when we all try to be selfless, spreading the spirit of giving and oneness. In Peru a traditional Christmas entails indulging in paneton (a Peruvian fruit cake) and hot chocolate. We have to consider that some communities live ...

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What our clients say on Tripadvisor

Fun tour with and good to...

Dic 22, 2023 • Pareja

JP and Christian are the best tour guide. Very responsible and great to tour with and hike with. They know a lot history of the Machu Picch and gave us some great information of the place.

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The best tour of Machu...

Dic 22, 2023 • Solo

This tour was so amazing, JP and Christian took care of everting over the two days. JP was so awesome with all the history they shared in each site. I highly recommend this tour! Thank you so much! 11/10 stars.

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Dic 22, 2023 • Friends

Jp and Chris is amazing tour guide. They recommend us many amazing restaurants. In the hiking, they keep helping us and encouraging us. I really enjoyed this trip

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macu picchu is wonderful

Dic 22, 2023 • Friends

Imagine a vibrant and breathtaking journey to Machu Picchu, set during a clear, sunny day. The scene captures the awe-inspiring Inca ruins with their ancient stone structures, terraced hills, and the iconic...

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Our company is 100% locally owned. We directly contribute to economic development and environmental sustainability in Peru.

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We aim to have a positive impact in all the areas that we visit. Through our training sessions and social projects, we empower women, indigenous communities and children

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