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About SAM Corporations Peru

Sam Corporations Peru is an authentic 100% Peruvian owned and operated tour and trekking company. We take you on a magical journey through the many diverse regions of Peru. Our tours and treks are luxurious and lush. We use only the best equipment, whilst traveling in our modern, cozy and spacious vehicles. Our groups are small, intimate and guaranteed to never exceed 8 people. We offer trips to unparalleled destinations that we have personally experienced and that come highly recommended. Sam Corporations is flexible and guarantees personalized and exclusive services. Feel free to build your own unique dream itinerary with the help of our expect sales team.

We offer an EXCLUSIVE service of the highest quality. Striving to consistently provide you with only the best of what Peru has to offer. We have the HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICE, an OUTSTANDING REPUTATION because we can GUARANTEE the best quality service through our Sam Corporations staff and guides to strictly operate our treks. We are a locally sustainable and responsible tour operator, that incorporates universal principles of tourism. With this in mind, we have trained all of our staff within these principles.

Guaranteed best quality

Why should I travel with SAM Corporations Peru ?

SAM Corporations is a family-owned Peruvian tour operator. Our tours are tried and tested and guarantee an authentic Peruvian experience. We provide high quality service as well as focus on having small groups to enhance the travel experience. We avoid crowded and generic experiences as far as possible. When you travel with us, you make a direct contribution to economic, educational and social growth of the people of Peru.

Our Team with SAM Corporations Peru

Our team of guides are from the various regions of Peru. They have extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry. Our team is passionate about the country, its culture, history and norms. We only hire guides that can speak Spanish and English fluently with the majority of them also speaking Quechua (the native language of Peru). They hold degrees in tourism and have a minimum of experience of 2 years under their belts. They are enthusiastic about teaching others of the local flora and fauna as well as their roots in their Andean/Inca history and heritage. Another great attribute is their athleticism, they are adventurous and enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Their vast knowledge allows them to give each and every tour that personal touch, making each and every tour and trek that individualized personal touch.

Our guides come highly recommended as they are dedicated to continued personal development, are extremely patient and love to do their jobs with sparkling energy.

Our Mission

Providing a world class tours and treks with the highest international standards. A luxurious service, that only includes the very best of what Peru has to offer. Committing to environmental and social responsibility. To give the most comprehensive travel experience of our diverse country of Peru.

Our tours are exclusive and we are committed to demonstrating the culture and history of Peru. Customers see all the beauty and ruggedness in our off the beaten trek. Whilst maintaining and never compromising on comfort with our quality service. Enjoy a thrilling ride in our unique adventure tours. Providing an immersive experience in our isolated indigenous communities. Exploring and discovering the weird and wonderful species that make up the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

Our Vision

Being part of the exclusive leaders in Peru’s tourism sector by the year 2024. As well as being recognized for the quality of our services. To be the main contributors to social and economic development in our country.

The Core Values of SAM Corporations Peru


We strive to always provide the most honest unbiased information to our prospective clients. We give you all the facts, so you are fully equipped to make an informed decision for yourself. Our team is very knowledgeable, so they will always provide you with the most accurate and up to date information. What they don’t know they will find out.

Why Travel with Us?


Our team is result-orientated, joining their individual talents and skills to give you the client the most comprehensive experience. Our team strives to have mutual support, respect and we participate in regular team building exercises, so that we are always working as a unified team.

We respect the individual

First and foremost, we are cognizant of the fact that our clients come from all parts of the world and are all unique and individual in their own respect. With this in mind, we do our best to not lump people together and do our best to treat you as an individual. As far as possible we learn your names, so we address you directly. We view our clients as individuals, we focus on your specific needs, rather than following the typical generic approach. Special requests or requiments? Feel free to speak to our team about anything. We train our team to be flexible and nothing is ever set in stone. Respect is considered as the fundamental base of the relations within our company. We value human dignity, accept our differences and consider our rights and those of others in order to establish a polite and friendly working environment.

We respect the individual
Service Quality

Service Quality

The quality of our service is one of our most important values which demands all our effort, determination, and courage to be successful in what we are doing and the services we provide. We tackle our work with dedication and accuracy, minimizing mistakes to optimize delivery time. We are fully invested in what we do and therefore can guarantee you the highest quality service possible.


Each one of us must interact transparently and appropriately, trying to strengthen our interpersonal relations and the image of the company. We are conscious that our communication generates perceptions, expectations, and requirements which motivate us to improve our behavior, attitude, and knowledge.

Sam Corporation´s communication with clients is always carried out with respect, clarity and is informative. Miscommunications do happen. However, when they occur, we are open to listening and humbling ourselves so we can learn from every situation. We can guarantee you that no one in our team will ever speak to you in a challenging tone or make you feel unheard. Communication is the backbone of every successful trek and tour, we listen to understand, speak honestly, clearly and answer all questions so your experience is as smooth as possible. On our tours and treks there are many communication lines, starting with your enquiry, to your booking, next all the people involved in organizing your itinerary and finally the team involved in the actual trip. Effective communication ensures that we maintain our reputation as a Tour Operator that runs the most well-oiled machine in the country.



Our team members must show loyalty; referring to faithfulness, commitment, identification, pride, membership, confidentially, and interest defense; in any moment for and in the name of the company.

Constructive spirit

Constructive spirit refers to a positive attitude, optimism, increase, creativity and good faith that must be shown and lived by those who work in our company.

Constructive spirit
Community and Environment

Community and Environment

We commit socially and culturally to the community and adapt our business strategies to the preservation of the environment. We participate in many projects and campaigns to promote growth and long-term sustainability in our country. Click on the following link to contribute or volunteer your services to any of our programs: Responsible travel

Sam Corporations


Local Peruvian Company

Our company is 100% locally owned. We directly contribute to economic development and environmental sustainability in Peru.

Service Quality

The quality of our service is one of our most important values which demands all our effort, determination, and courage to be successful in what we are doing and the services we provide

Responsible travel

We aim to have a positive impact in all the areas that we visit. Through our training sessions and social projects, we empower women, indigenous communities and children

Small Personalized Groups

Our groups never exceed 10 people, giving you a personalized tour in our small comfortable vans

100% Customised Itinerary

Interested in visiting only specific destinations? No problem, all our packages can be fully customized to suit your budget and schedule. Contact our travel advisors to plan the most comprehensive trip of a lifetime.

Community and Environment

We commit socially and culturally to the community and adapt our business strategies to the preservation of the environment

  • 100% Locally owned and operated.
  • Best Tour guides & trip leaders.
  • Quality-Touch & Personalized service
  • Highest quality, name brand equipment.
  • All Inclusive Tours with no hidden fees.
  • Sustainable Prctice and responsible travel.
  • Safety conscious with first aid training annually.
  • Unique Tours & Trekking routes
  • Customized Tours & Packages forFair and kind travel.
  • Personalized Attention with the Most Dedicated Team
  • Giving back to our local communities



100% Customised itinerary

Contact our travel advisors to plan the most complete trip of your life.

Easy communication

Simplified ease of communication, text us on WhatsApp, email or call us.

Professional and experienced

Our guides are local and have vast knowledge in Peruvian culture and history.

Local peruvian company

100% local company. Development and environmental sustainability

Small personalized groups

Our groups never exceed 10 people, giving you an unforgettable experience

Memorable trips

Discover an exceptional journey where perfection meets adventure.