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Best Time of Year to Visit Machu Picchu

Written by Sam Corporations February 8, 2023

Best Time of Year to Visit Machu Picchu - Sam Corporations

Machu Picchu is located in the Cordillera of Vilcabamba of the Andes mountains and the eyebrow of the jungle. The climate is temperate all year round but it gets chilly and cloudy mornings in the wet season. The average minimum temperature is 10°C/50°F and average maximum temperature is 27°C/80°F. As it is also located in the eyebrow of the jungle, it can rain or get foggy anytime of the year. It is important to note that from April to September is dry season and from October to March is wet season.

Travellers usually ask questions such as “When is the best time to visit Machu Picchu?” “When is the best time to go to Peru?”, or “What is Machu Picchu weather like?”. These questions surge according to your planned trip to Peru. Below you can find our answered FAQs and we are happy to take a phone call with any remaining questions you may have.

According to weather conditions and our experience, the best time to visit Machu Picchu: is from late April/early May and to late September/early October. Nowadays the weather conditions have changed due to global warming so it is usually unpredictable but less rainy. The amount of tourists visiting Peru for Machu Pichu and doing treks vary, so we provide you the following information to plan your trip to Peru and the Inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu. One of the 7 wonders of the world!

When is the Best Time to Visit Machu Picchu in Peru

In order to know when to visit Machu Picchu, you should learn about the weather in the region and peak season time to avoid crowds so as to enjoy exploring the site.

  • Dry season in Machu Picchu: It occurs between April and October, and for many, although not for all, is the best time to visit Machu Picchu. The sun shines all day and there is almost no rain, allowing you to explore the site with clear views of the scenery and Inca constructions. The treks in the Andean mountains en route to Machu Picchu also offer scenic beauty and best views of the surrounding scenery and Machupichu. However, you will likely line up to enter and visit the different temples, shrines, livng strututes of the royalty, etc. and it is very important that you book your Machu Picchu tour, and Waynapicchu mountain extra hike, train tickets, hotel, etc at least 3 months in advance.
  • Rainy season in Machu Picchu: It occurs between November and March, and unlike what many people think, it does not rain throughout the day, it does more in the afternoons and it is usually covered in fog early in the mornings but it clears away late in the morning, giving you the opportunity to see Machu Picchu as the fog dissipates as if an artist reveals his masterpiece. As long as you do not mind getting a little wet, you can find lower prices, discounts at hotels and other places.

Due to best weather coditions, it is anyway advisable to come and visit Machu Pichu from April to September. If you come in June, we recommend that you to book the Inti Raymi (the sun worship festivity) it takes place on June 24th, and also the Rainbow mountain Tour located in high up in the Andes.

Machu Picchu Peak Season

The high season of tourism occurs between May and August; this season coincides with the dry season, but also with the vacations in Europe and the USA. If you plan to travel in high Machu Pichu tourist season, know that you will have to book Machu Picchu tickets,train tickets, guides, and hotel reservations at least 3 months in advance. On the other hand, you will have to compete with other visitors for the first bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu, and for the best places in the Huayna Picchu mountain and in the Inca city. One of the main disadvantages of this season, it is not precisely that you do not find places, but what you will have to pay for them.

During the high season, the prices of most tourist services, rise between 30 and 100%, depending on the time of anticipation of your reservations.

Machu Picchu Weather Month to Month

Machu Picchu in January, February and March

These are the rainiest months in Machu Picchu and in general in the region of Cusco. During most of the days the sky is cloudy, but there are also short periods of clear days, the temperature is relatively pleasant with an average of 14°C/57°F. Although the rains can be an inconvenience when visiting Machu Picchu, they make Machu Picchu look spectacular green and with colorful flora in all its surroundings, besides, the clouds and rain make Machu Picchu become a fable scenario, almost surreal.

One of the main advantages of visiting Machu Picchu in these months is that you will be able to find the vast majority of services at reduced prices, and with many offers in luxury services. So with a moderate budget you can greatly enjoy your stay in Machu Picchu, and if you are the traveler who wants to save the most, this is the time you should visit the Inca city.

Machu Picchu in April

April is one of the most propitious months to visit Machu Picchu, the rains are minimal and the days become sunnier and more pleasant. Although the high season of tourism already begins this month, it is still possible to find offers in the services, April is the the best time to enjoy the views when all is green and flowering.

Visiting Machu Picchu in May

In the month of May the days are already completely clear, except for some occasional rain that usually occurs. The dry season is already felt, with sunny days and cold nights. During this month there is a large number of visitors to the Inca city of Machu Picchu and tourist services rise in price. In May it is already possible to see and enjoy many of the activities of the jubilee parties of Cusco.

Machu Picchu in June

Undoubtedly June is the month that has more tourist activity, and Machu Picchu is full of tourists from all over the world. The weather this month is sunny during the day and very cold at night, especially at dawn. The services are saturated so it is advisable to book them before arriving at Machu Picchu. All this is reinforced by the activities that take place in the city of Cusco, since in June its festivities are celebrated and there are many shows like the Inti Raymi ceremony.

Machu Picchu in July / August

During these months the winter of the mountains is accentuated, the days are similar to those of June, and are months in which Machu Picchu receives a high traffic of visitors, and tourist services are very required. The clear days in these dates allow visitors to see Machu Picchu with splendor. You can take magnificent and clean photographs and expect a sporadic shower. These days when visiting Machu Picchu are very pleasant and in company of the imposing Inti (Sun).

NOTE: Between May and August the demand for the Machu Picchu Ticket is highly requested, so if you want to visit Machu Picchu on these dates you must book your admission in advance. If you want to climb the mountain Machu Picchu must book your ticket with more than two months in advance

Machu Picchu in September / October

During these months the change of season is made, the cold of winter decreases and the temperature becomes warmer with a very pleasant climate. The high season of tourism begins to fall, as well as the costs of various services. For the experience of many visitors and travelers, these are the best months to visit Machu Picchu, the first rains make the Inca shrine begin to turn green and the sun shines on most days. They are auspicious days to enjoy all the beauty of the Inca wonder.

Visiting Machu Picchu in November / December

Machu Picchu takes bright green colors in the rainy months. During these months the rain is felt with greater intensity in Machu Picchu, but it is still possible to enjoy sunny and warm days. Tourist services begin to have more offers, so there are months in which you can visit Machu Picchu and travel it without it being saturated with visitors. Besides, spending the holidays at Machu Picchu is a great experience.

Best Time to trek into Machu Picchu

The most appropriate months to go to Machu Picchu on a tour are from April to October. The rains are scarce and you can contemplate the dawn in the ruins without any problem. The landscapes of the subtropical zones and the humid forests in the route of the Inca Trail do not change during the dry season.

Unless you are an experienced hiker, we recommend avoiding the month of February, especially if you plan to tour the Huayna Picchu mountain; the trails of the mountain are narrow and vertigo, and can be somewhat more frightening if they are wet. The month of February has the highest amount of rain in the season, which also restricts the entry of visitors by the Inca Trail.

Tours to Machu Picchu with Direct Local Tour Operators

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Tours to Machu Picchu with s Direct Local Tour Operators

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