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Birding In Cusco | Abra Malaga & Huacarpay 3 Days

Birding In Cusco | Abra Malaga & Huacarpay 3 Days
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Abra Malaga

The Abra Málaga Private Conservation area is located in the Cusco region. Abra Malaga is at a height that ranges between 2200 meters at 4,400 meters above sea level, which allows observing a diversity of microclimates that go from the “Cloud Forest”, at the lowest altitude, to the feet of Nevado Verónica, at the highest. It is important to preserve, conserve the biodiversity and ecological processes existing in the Polylepis forest of the Abra Málaga Thastayoc, habitat of a diversity of flora and fauna.

In this area we can find many endemic birds, among them three endangered species: the Ash-breasted Tit-tyrant, White Browed Tit Spinetail and the Royal Cinclodes.

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Birding In Cusco | Abra Malaga & Huacarpay 3 Days



Located at an impressive altitude of 3,020 meters, this High-Andean wetland is a true gem. It consists of four permanent lagoons, one temporary lagoon, two swamps, and two rivers, and forms an integral part of the Pikillaqta Archeological Park and the National Tourist Reserve.

The wetland boasts a diverse array of flora, including various species of cactus and the magnificent “Algarrobo” tree (Prosopis laevigata), which thrives at an astonishing altitude of 3,100 meters, possibly making it the highest distribution of its kind in South America. However, the site faces significant challenges, particularly regarding the exploitation of its resources, exacerbated by uncertainties surrounding land ownership.

This exceptional wetland provides crucial sustenance and shelter to numerous avian species that are both threatened, such as Falco femoralis and Falco peregrinus, and endemic, including Oreonympha nobilis, Asthenes ottonis, and Poospiza caesar. Throughout the year, more than 70 species of birds can be observed, adding to the richness and significance of this remarkable habitat.

Itinerary Birding Tour In Cusco

Day 1: Departure to Chonta

To kick off this incredible adventure, our highly regarded guide will personally pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at 6:00 am, using our comfortable private van. Along the journey, we will make several stops for birdwatching, giving you the opportunity to observe fascinating species such as the Pointed-winged Pigeon, Rusty-flowerpiercer, Puna Ground Tyrant, Andean flicker, and many more. As we proceed, we will pause for a revitalizing lunch at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon, we will continue our expedition towards the charming community of Chonta, from where we will embark on a pleasant 1.5-hour hike to reach the Mirador del Cóndor in Chonta – Cusco. This scenic viewpoint offers breathtaking views and the chance to witness the majestic Andean condor in its natural habitat.

As the day draws to a close, we will conclude the activity and make our way back to Cusco, ensuring your safe return and allowing you to reflect on the unforgettable experiences of the day.

Day 2: Abra Malaga

On our second day of the adventure, we will make our way up to Abra Malaga Pass, descending to an elevation of 2700m. This picturesque area is adorned with fascinating vegetation, including the captivating Chusquea Bamboo Forest, which is home to unique and sought-after bird species. Throughout the day, we will dedicate our time to birdwatching along the road, immersing ourselves in the diverse avian life.

At noon, we will pause to relish our delicious box lunch, surrounded by the enchanting high Andean flora. In the afternoon, our journey continues as we explore the western flank of the mountain, in search of additional bird species to add to our sightings. As the day progresses and it nears 5:00 p.m., we will make our way back to Cusco, bringing an end to this exhilarating day.

Among our target bird species are some remarkable finds, including the endemic Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant, Parodi’s Hemispingus, as well as the vibrant Red and White Antpitta. Additionally, we may encounter other uncommon and captivating birds such as the Imperial Snipe, Undulated Antpitta, Rusty-breasted Antpitta, Trilling Tapaculo, Lacrimose Tanager, Pearled Treerunner, Highland Elaenia, Yellow-billed Cacique, and many more. Prepare for a day filled with exceptional birdwatching opportunities and the thrill of encountering these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Day 3: Huacarpay

To embark on our exciting birdwatching adventure, we will first pick up our passengers from their hotels at 4:30 am. Then, we will travel for 30 minutes to the Huacarpay Lagoon, where we will have the opportunity to observe different species of birds, accompanied by our expert guide.

At 8 am, it will be time for breakfast, and afterward, we will continue our birdwatching activities around the wetlands. As noon approaches, we will find a picturesque spot in the area to enjoy our picnic lunch, all while taking in the beautiful view of the lake and the mountains.

In the afternoon, we will embark on an uphill walk, but fear not, as we will catch our car to make the journey easier. Along the way, we will make stops to further indulge in birdwatching, appreciating the diverse species we encounter. By 5:00 pm, we will arrive back in Cusco City, concluding our fruitful day of birdwatching.

With the end of our services, we bid farewell to our passengers, knowing that they have had a memorable birdwatching experience.


In the captivating area of Cusco, a wide array of bird species can be found throughout the year. Additionally, during certain seasons, migratory birds also grace these lands, adding to the diversity of sightings. Our birdwatching tour offers the opportunity to spot an impressive selection of avian wonders, including:

  • Andean Goose
  • Crested Duck
  • Mountain Caracara
  • Andean Lapwing
  • Blue-mantled Thornbill
  • Andean Flicker
  • Tawny Tit-Spinetail
  • Streak-throated Canastero
  • Line-fronted Canastero
  • Stripe-headed Antpitta
  • Puna Tapaculo
  • Taczanowski’s Ground-Tyrant
  • Red-rumped Bush-Tyrant
  • Rufous-webbed Bush-Tyrant
  • Giant Conebill
  • Black Siskin

Moreover, our tour places special emphasis on observing endemic species that are unique to the region. These include the White-tufted Sunbeam, Creamy-crested Spinetail, and Chestnut-breasted Mountain-Finch, which are highly sought-after sightings for avid birdwatchers. Join us on this adventure and let us guide you to these remarkable feathered creatures in their natural habitat.

We recommend bringing:

  • Binoculars.
  • Soft colored clothes so as not to scare the birds (green and beige).
  • Photographic camera.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Small backpack.
  • Water bottle.
  • Rain poncho or umbrella (rainy season is between November and March).

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feb. de 2023 • Pareja

Este Viaje es una de las mayores experiencias que tuvimos .con muchas cosas por aprender, conocer otras culturas, escapar de la rutina y romper barreras, miedos y prejuicios. Una de las de las mejores experiencias que pudimos tener es y sobre todo abrir horizontes, descubrir cosas nuevas .

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Oasis de Huacachina

ene. de 2023 • Amigos

El mejor tour de mi vida, visitar el desierto de ICA y el Oasis de Huacachina fue maravilloso, fuimos un grupo de amigos para conocer el sur peruano y nos fascino, nuestro guía fue muy divertido y muy informado sobre la historia del Perú, todo estubo excelentemente organizado sin ningún error y...

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David es el top!

ene. de 2023 • Familia

Esta compañía superó nuestra expectativa en el tour del Valle Sagrado y Machu Picchu, nuestro guía David fue estupendo y muy informado de la historia de los Incas. Nuestro conductor Junior fue increíble y muy apasionado con su trabajo.
Muchas gracias.

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