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3 Days

Ayahuasca Retreat 3 days in the Sacred Valley


Ayahuasca is a psychedelic infusion made up of the extract of two Amazon plants, the Ayahuasca and Chacruno. It has psychedelic effects like altered thinking, loss of time sense, and hard emotions for whoever takes it. Besides hearing or seeing things that don’t exist. Therefore, in recent years, it has become incredibly popular to travel to spiritual retreats with Ayahuasca in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon; these ceremonies are useful to travel to the unconscious, connect with nature and relieve both physical and mental pain. For this reason, together with the experts from SAM Corporations, we would like to tell you a little more about Ayahuasca in Peru and all its benefits

Our 3-day Ayahuasca retreat is an amalgamation of an Amazonian “Onaya” healer of the Shipibo tribe and an Inca “pampamisayoq” healer of the Qero tribe. Guided by the principle of Munay, or love, we follow traditional Inca practices in preparing plant medicine and singing shamanic chants called iqaros. We also prioritize guest safety by incorporating modern medical practices. The retreat includes two transformative Ayahuasca ceremonies, offering a profound journey of self-discovery and healing.

  • We have a multi-disciplinary health team consisting of a Cardiologist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and General Practitioner, who complement the highly experienced native Andean and Amazonian shaman.
  • A Doctor is present during the Ayahuasca Retreat ceremony with access to a full range of state-of-the-art emergency medical equipment.
  • We have been operating for 10 years (much longer than other retreat centers) and safety has always been our top priority.
  • Located in the Sacred Valley, two hours drive from Machupicchu.


In order to participate in the retreat, it is necessary for you to provide a letter from your doctor confirming your good health or general health status. This document can be sent to us via email as a scanned copy. Alternatively, you can bring the letter with you to Cusco. Please note that this letter is mandatory.

If you are unable to bring the letter from your doctor, we can arrange for you to have a check-up with our onsite doctor in Cusco on the day of the retreat. Please be aware that there will be an additional cost of $30 US for this check-up. If you require this option, kindly contact our staff, they will assist you in organizing it.

For individuals with any physical or psychological medical conditions, or those undergoing medication treatment, it is essential to inform us prior to booking the retreat. This will allow us to ensure your well-being and provide appropriate care during the retreat.

Participants who are 50 years old or above are required to undergo a stress test. This test can be conducted either in your home country or in Cusco, with a fee of $55 US.


As preparation and integration of the experience we giving a powerful and ancient Inca meditation aimed at guiding you to work with the fastest and most powerful energy there is, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


To prioritize your safety and well-being during the retreat, it is essential that you arrive in Cusco at least 2 days before the start of the retreat. This will allow ample time for acclimatization to the high altitude of Cusco. Considering that many individuals may experience the effects of altitude sickness, it is crucial to give your body sufficient time to adjust. If you happen to arrive on the day of the retreat, regrettably, we will be unable to administer Ayahuasca. In such cases, you will be required to reschedule for the next available date. It’s important to note that refunds will not be possible, as our primary concern is to avoid any potential health risks associated with combining Ayahuasca and altitude sickness.

Please make the necessary arrangements to book your own hotel room for the night between the acclimatization day and the retreat. However, we can offer valuable recommendations for hotels that provide convenient transfer services from the airport to the hotel.

On the day of the retreat, we will gather at Plaza Nazarenas at 09:30 am. From there, we will arrange shuttle transportation to the retreat center. To ensure a comfortable and suitable experience, we kindly request that you consume a light breakfast comprising juices and fruits while refraining from bread and dairy products.

Considering the potency of Ayahuasca as a medicinal substance, it is worth noting that it can occasionally interact with other medications or drugs. Consequently, we strongly advise engaging in a natural detoxification process at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the retreat. This will help optimize the safety and effectiveness of your Ayahuasca experience.

Altitude sickness

Cusco, located at an altitude of 3500m above sea level, is known to cause altitude sickness in some individuals. While there are medications available to alleviate the symptoms of altitude sickness, it’s important to note that certain medications can have negative interactions with Ayahuasca. To ensure your safety, we recommend avoiding such interactions.

Instead, we suggest trying natural remedies to alleviate altitude sickness symptoms. One such remedy is drinking MUÑA tea, which is commonly available in guest houses and hotels in the area. We recommend starting with MUÑA tea at the airport or during your flight to Cusco, as it can help the effects of altitude sickness. Additionally, you can consider purchasing a shot of oxygen at the airport for further relief. Should your symptoms worsen, please inform us so that we can provide appropriate assistance

Pre-Retreat Require Restrictions


  • Pork
  • Sexual activities of any kind, including masturbation
  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis
  • ALL street drugs (cocaine, MDMA, amphetamines, etc.) – obligatory for your safety and for the possible energetic impact on other guests
  • Spicy food
  • Ice, ice cream, or ice cold drinks


  • Refined sugars
  • Red meat
  • Junk foods
  • Salt or pepper
  • Sweets or chocolate
  • Oils (if you must use oil, use olive or coconut oil very sparingly)
  • Animal fats (lard, etc.)
  • Carbonated drinks (including diet sodas, energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer)
  • Dairy products
  • Fermented foods
  • Caffeine & other stimulants


  • IMPORTANT: Please contact us if you are currently taking any medication or supplements.
  • If you will be menstruating during the retreat, please inform your facilitators when you arrive.
  • Ayahuasca is not compatible with pregnancy.


  • Your retreat will be overseen by 2 to 4 shamans, Shipibo healer from the Amazon and Inca medicine Qero healer from the Andes.
  • There is a doctor present during Ayahuasca ceremony with access to a full range of state of the art emergency medical equipment.
  • Small groups of up to 18 people allow us to maximize the safety, comfort, and personalized attention of the retreats for our guests.
  • Individual consultations with the shaman and psychology to discuss your experiences and healing process. Consultations are available before and after the Ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Physical and psychological health questionnaire to evaluate risk factors. A doctor and psychologist are in charge of verifying the medical records and detecting any medical contraindications a person may have with Ayahuasca before the booking stage.
  • Basic medical check to ensure physical suitability
  • Four different healings ceremonies, Inca shamanic healing technique, “dancing with heaven and earth”.
  • Coca leaves ceremony (unification of group energy)
  • Cleansing and floral ceremony (Therapy of forgiveness)
  • Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Offering of gratitude to Pachamama or Mother Earth.
  • Love meditation Munay
  • Volunteering activities with Human Actions ORG (practice of Ayni – reciprocity)
  • All food and drinks is a delicious simple vegetarian diet suitable for working with medicinal plants/ Ayahuasca
  • All transport to and from the retreat center
  • Accommodation 2 night/3 days – within our facilities you may find the basic life necessities such as shared bedrooms with a capacity of three people as well as shared bathrooms.
  • All retreat facilitated in English

*It is good for you to know that different parties of people may overlap at the retreat, but they will never be more than 18 participants for any giving Ayahuasca ceremony.


1 Day

  • 09:30 Meeting at Plaza Nazarenas from their shuttle bus to the retreat center
  • 10:00 Departure to the retreat center
  • 11:00 Meeting with the staff and orientation of the center – cleansing ceremony
  • 14:00 Group meeting – introduction to the shaman and medical staff discussion about ayahuasca and ceremonies intentions – Coca leaves ceremony and prayer for the unification of energies – Shipibo wisdom honoring the plant.
  • 15:00 Individual consultation with a doctor
  • 15:30 Individual consultation with healers and psychology
  • 17:00 Andean philosophy discussion Inca religion & introduction to the meditation.
  • 17:30 Munay Meditation
  • 18:30 Preparation for the ceremony, quiet /personal meditation time in the maloka.
  • 19:00 First Ayahuasca ceremony

2 Day

  • 08:00 Breakfast.
  • 09:00 Volunteering activity with Human Actions – Dog shelter
  • 11:30 Snacks
  • 14:00 Group meeting – a chance to share the teachings you learn from the Ayahuasca ceremony. – Shipibo wisdom Icaros and plant diet.
  • 15:00 Individual consultation with psychology and healers
  • 15:30 Time for relaxation
  • 17:00 Andean Philosophy discussion ( Munay, Yachay, and Llankay)
  • 17:30 Munay meditation
  • 18:30 Preparation for the ceremony, quiet /personal meditation time in the maloka.
  • 19:00 Second Ayahuasca ceremony

3 Day

  • 08:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00 Group meeting – a chance to share the teachings you learn from the Ayahuasca ceremony.
  • 10:00 Individual consultation with healers and psychology
  • 11:00 Offering of gratitude to Pachamama or Mother Earth
  • 12:00 Talking about Human Actions projects and the opportunity to donate. Fill out the service report and explanation of dietary restriction post-retreat and integration.
  • 12:30 Opportunity to buy cultural handcraft from the Shipibo and Andean healers – Photos and farewell
  • 13:00 Transport back to Cusco, drop off point Plaza Nazarenas


Please Contact our Friendly Sales Staff for more Information.

US$?  Group service
US$? private service (2 people)
US$? private service (3-6 people)
US$? private service (+6 people) 


At SAM CORPORATIONS, we are more than just a travel agency and tour operator. We are a family-owned business, deeply rooted in the vibrant city of Cusco, Peru. With our extensive personal experience and exploration of every corner of this remarkable country, we have developed a deep love and understanding of its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

Our mission is to provide exceptional tours and treks that are tailored to each individual’s preferences. We take great pride in delivering personalized and high-quality service, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations. As a family-owned company, we are committed to upholding our values and never compromising on the level of luxury and attention to detail we offer.

Being a responsible and sustainable tour operator is of utmost importance to us. Our staff members are not just employees; they are an integral part of our extended family. We prioritize their well-being by providing fair salaries and financial support, fostering long-term growth, and creating a positive working environment. It is through their dedication and expertise that we are able to provide our clients with the best service and unforgettable experiences.

We understand the significance of placing your trust in a reliable and honest operator when embarking on an adventure in Peru. At SAM CORPORATIONS, we take this responsibility seriously. We stand by our word and deliver on our promises, ensuring your journey with us is unforgettable.


To ensure a more personalized service for our guests, at SAM CORPORATIONS we have a policy that our groups will not exceed 8 people. This fact alone sets us apart from other companies that operate departures with bigger groups.


We take immense pride in our exceptional guides at SAM CORPORATIONS. Not only are they highly professional, but they also possess fluency in English, allowing for seamless communication with our guests. Their knowledge and passion for their homeland are truly remarkable.

Our guides are committed to their own personal and professional growth, constantly seeking to expand their understanding and expertise. Through extensive research, they ensure that they provide accurate and reputable information on Inca and Andean culture, offering you a deeper insight into the rich history and traditions of Peru.

Being adventure and travel enthusiasts themselves, our guides share only the finest experiences they have personally encountered, making your journey all the more memorable. They bring delightful and lively energy to the group, embodying a spirit of camaraderie and creating an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

In terms of education, our guides hold degrees in various fields, including Archaeology, Tourism, Botany, History, or Anthropology. This diverse academic background equips them with a comprehensive understanding of the historical, cultural, and natural aspects of Peru, enabling them to offer engaging and enlightening tours.

Our knowledgeable and passionate guides will enrich your exploration of Peru, as they dedicate their time to ensuring that you receive the highest level of service and an authentic and insightful experience throughout your journey with us.


At SAM CORPORATIONS, we firmly believe in the importance of giving back to the communities we encounter during our treks. As responsible tourism advocates, we are committed to making a positive social impact and supporting the beautiful local people in the regions we operate.

Through a holistic approach to sustainability and community development, we actively participate in various social projects. We recognize the significance of creating employment opportunities within these communities, and we take pride in employing individuals from these areas. We go beyond just providing jobs by ensuring that we pay our employees an above-average wage, empowering them to improve their livelihoods and achieve financial stability.

Our commitment extends beyond short-term assistance. We are dedicated to fostering self-sustainability and promoting long-term growth within these communities. By supporting local initiatives and engaging in responsible practices, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact that benefits both the people and the environment.

SAM CORPORATIONS is proud to be a part of the social fabric of the communities we operate in. We believe that by working together and investing in the well-being of these communities, we can contribute to their growth, prosperity, and overall development.

When you choose to travel with us, you can be confident that your journey with SAM CORPORATIONS not only provides you with an unforgettable experience but also directly contributes to the betterment of the communities we visit.

Please read the following information carefully; it will help with your questions about our services and the Ayahuasca Retreat 3 Days.

THE BRIEFING FOR THE 3 days Ayahuasca retreat,

The briefing will take place the night before your tour at your hotel.

HOW TO BOOK THE 3 days Ayahuasca retreat,

FIRST, to book your Lares trek to Machu Picchu, we need you to fill out our booking form by clicking on BOOK NOW on our homepage or click here on the link BOOK NOW.

Please be ready with the following information (FROM EACH PARTICIPANT in your group). We cannot purchase tickets without the following information:

  • Personal information (your full name, exactly as it appears on your passport):
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • D.O.B. (dd / mm / yyyy)
  • Nationality

*** We will need each participant’s passport at the time of booking.

SECOND, we require a deposit per person in order to purchase a permit for the Lares trek Machu Picchu. You can make your deposit by clicking on the VISA or PAYPAL symbols on the top of our home page, or you can click on the VISA or PAYPAL symbols on our booking page. Contact Staff for deposit cost.


in Peru. We offer the following options for paying your balance:

  1. Cash Payment: You can visit our office in Cusco and make a cash payment in either US dollars or Peruvian soles. Our friendly staff will assist you with the payment process. Please note that it’s advisable to withdraw money from ATMs located within the historical center of Cusco, as they offer convenient access to cash.
  2. Online Payment via VISA or PayPal: If you prefer the convenience of online payment, you can choose to pay with VISA or PayPal. However, please be aware that a 5.5% service fee, charged by VISA and PayPal, will apply. To complete the payment through PayPal, log into your PayPal account and use our provided email address:

We want to ensure that you have flexibility and options when it comes to settling your balance. If you have any further questions or need assistance with payment arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to make the process as smooth as possible for you.


At SAM CORPORATIONS, we prioritize personalized service by limiting our tour groups to a maximum of 8 people, usually of 2-6 persons. This distinguishes us from other companies that operate with larger groups, ensuring a more intimate and tailored experience for our guests


Absolutely!! Hotel drop-off is included in your package.


If you are satisfied with the services provided during your tour, it is customary and greatly appreciated to give a tip. Tipping is an important part of the tourism industry in various destinations, including those offered by SAM CORPORATION. Firstly, it serves as a way to show appreciation to the staff who have taken care of you throughout your tour. Furthermore, it can inspire them to continue providing excellent service in the future. Importantly, the amount you choose to tip is entirely up to you. It should be based on factors such as your budget, the level of satisfaction with the service you received, and the duration of your tour


At our core, we are a local, sustainable, and responsible tourism operator. We commit ourselves to upholding the universal principles of tourism, which involve protecting the environment and supporting the well-being of local communities while respecting their culture and religion. In order to uphold these principles, we have implemented several measures. Firstly, we prioritize comprehensive training for all our local staff. This training equips them with the necessary knowledge and understanding to respect the places we visit and the local people we interact with. Moreover, we emphasize the significance of cultural sensitivity and responsible tourism practices. By doing so, we aim to foster meaningful and positive experiences for both our guests and the communities we engage with.

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